genesis twenty-two

Conceived and Coordinated by Grace Herman-Holland

Original Music by Anthony Dean

Producers: Grace Herman-Holland, Sarah Corbyn Woolf

Directors: Nick Auer, Lauren French, Grace Herman-Holland, Kirsten Peacock, Sadah Espii Proctor, Caedra Scott-Flaherty 

Stage Manager: Sarah Reynolds

Scenic and Lighting Designers: Erik Herskowitz, Kelley Shih

Technical Director: Jess Cummings

Dramaturge: Lizzy Lincoln

Costume Consulting: Max Archimedes Levitt

Cast: Brian Alford, Scout Backus,Yarin Brosh, Suzy Bucky, Rachel Coffin, Kathleen Donachie, Alexander Gheesling, Andrew Gonzales, Kaileela Hobby, Nadia Khayrallah, Abrielle Kuo, Bereket Mengistu, Erin Noll, Clinton Powell, Cassidy Wingate


The second production of NYC-based company The Woolgatherers, Genesis 22 seeks to unlock new layers of meaning from a classic tale of humanity and faith.


Is Abraham, the parent who nearly sacrifices his child, a person of faith or a brutal killer?


With a diverse group of young, ambitious artists, Genesis 22 is an experiment in collaboration and a fresh way of making theater. Our creative team features six directors, each of whom approaches their art with a distinct style and methodology. By exploring an old story through the intersection of their artistic forms, we hope to discover a deeper understanding of this story of faith.

Governor's Island, NYC


Art by Liam Donnelly, photography by Nathan Luttrull & Jan Paulo Musni

© The Woolgatherers, 2019
Logo by Liam Donnelly
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