Adapted and Directed by

Grace Herman-Holland

Original Music by Anthony Sertel Dean

Adapted from a short story by

Gabriel García Márquez

Producers: Grace Herman-Holland, Sarah Corbyn Woolf

Production and Stage Manager: Natalie Jones

Lighting and Sound Design: Anthony Dean

Set Design: Susannah Hyde

Costume Design: Melinda Hare

Cast: Scout Backus, Sophie Becker, Yarin Brosh, Francisco Ariel Carillo, Bereket Mengistu, Jaya Tripathi, Will Van Moss, Sarah Corbyn Woolf


For years now, they’ve been meeting in their dreams. In reality, they’ve never met. One wakes each morning and searches for the other. But the other wakes and remembers nothing of their dreams.


Eyes of a Blue Dog, based on a short story by Gabriel García Márquez, is an explosion of hopes ignited and extinguished.

We spent a month exploring this story all over New York City, in trains, grocery stores, museums, and more. We then pieced together what we found into a single performance. That collage of fantasy and reality is the foundation of this piece: a cyclical dream-play about love lost and found, sought and forgotten.

Dixon Place, NYC


Art by Liam Donnelly, photography by Ariella Axelbank

© The Woolgatherers, 2019
Logo by Liam Donnelly
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