revel's end

A Tempest Dance Party

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Grace Herman-Holland

Original Music by Jared Arnold

Producer: Lianne Kennedy

Stage Manager: Brendan Cullen

Scenic and Lighting Designer: Remy Leelike

Costume Designer: Jamie Gross

Cast: Bereket Mengistu, Brinda Dixit, Kanae Miyahara, Will Van Moss, Jaz Zepatos, Meghan Crosby, Elisha Mudley


Revel’s End is a mashup of Shakespeare’s last play with original R&B/pop music and collaboratively devised contemporary dance.


Set in a Brooklyn night club, Revel’s End is neither musical nor play-with- music, but a new hybrid style: part concert, part play, and part dance party.

It's the party to end all parties—and you're invited.

Cap 21, NYC


Art by Clemens Den Exter, promotional photography by Bao Ngo, production photography by Steven Pisano

© The Woolgatherers, 2019
Logo by Liam Donnelly
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