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Romeo and Juliet

The cast and team...succeed entirely at presenting a fresh take on the classic tale. Romeo and Juliet fits perfectly into a prom-like atmosphere and feels reminiscent of the rosy-colored longing of 1980’s boy-meets-girl films. This nostalgia mixed with the clever modernization of the characters made my heart flutter and left me missing my high school days. 

— Allie Marotta

No Proscenium

I also must give a nod to the way the team activated the space — sparse decor provided just enough context, and small checkerboard elevated stage islands allowed a giddy audience to follow the scenes as the actors galloped around us shouting about their teen drama, fighting with their families, and slowly killing everyone and themselves.


But wait! I still have to tell you about the LOVE. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many ways I’ve seen this play done, and yet somehow… the actual love between R + J has always felt strangely detached. I can honestly tell you: the rapt gazes, the breathless promises, the steamy kisses and desperate gestures of Samuel Im and Sarah Corbyn Woolf as the titular roles, were so genuine, so doomed, I couldn’t take my eyes off of them... It made me want to be a star-crossed lover my very self.




Genesis 22

[The Woolgatherers have] expertly filled an old, empty house on Governor's Island, with a truly moving 360-degree experience. As art residencies go, this interactive experiment was an absolute success...


The performances, some violent, some comic, some suspended in a painful protracted moment, flowed from everyone's core...

Herman-Holland and Woolf are fixing to "immerse" a screen-centric generation into 360-degree realities and revel in whatever happens. What a gift real contact is. Watch for The Woolgatherers next offerings and give yourself to them. Your senses will re-live it long afterwards.

— Daniel Neiden

Edge Media

Revel's End

Have you ever been out late dancing and drinking, only to think to yourself: Gee, this would be so much better if there was more Shakespeare right now? If so, you may find kindred spirits at Revel’s End: A Tempest Dance Party.

— Rachel Kerry

New York Theater Review

"Revel’s End is an enjoyable immersion into a magical world, not to mention a high-quality performance of The Tempest that draws upon its central themes in a unique and satisfying fashion. This young company is thinking big and pushing their audience’s buttons, and it will be exciting to see what comes next."

— Taylor Black

Theatre Is Easy

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