Romeo and Juliet

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Grace Herman-Holland

Original Music by Julian Giaimo

Producers: Grace Herman-Holland, Sarah Corbyn Woolf

Production and Stage Manager: Natalie Jones

Dramaturge: Nicholas Orvis

Costume Design: Melinda Hare

Set Design: Emma Antenen

Lighting Design: Andy LiDestri

Fight Choreography: Dispatch Combat Collective

Publicity: Toro Communications

Cast: Peter Alexandrou, Katharine Ginna, Kelley Heyer, Samuel Im, Meaghan J. Johnson, Bereket Mengistu, Brandon Sawhill-Aja, Sarah Corbyn Woolf


The Woolgatherers’ Romeo and Juliet is an interactive party play that tests the limits of intimacy as guests enter Juliet’s world, heart, and fantasy.


You are invited into the world of the Capulet Ball, where Romeo and Juliet see each other for the first time. From that moment on the story plays out as Juliet’s fantasy, full of the ecstasy and terror of first love, sexual desire, and teenage rebellion. 

Shakespeare’s text weaves in and out of the party as the actors weave in and out of the crowd. Just as Juliet takes the story into her own hands and forges her own destiny, guests have the power to determine the nature of their experience. A curious guest might find themselves alone with an actor, share their secrets with other guests, or even change the course of the play.



Art by Liam Donnelly, promotional photography by Mark Laubenheimer, production photograhy by Ariella Axelbank

© The Woolgatherers, 2019
Logo by Liam Donnelly
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